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Our goal is to increase awareness and knowhow around mobility training

Exercisemaster is a Finland-based company promoting awareness and knowhow around mobility training.  Our mission is to help you whether you want to improve your own mobility or that of your athletes, employees, or customers.  The value of proper mobility training should never be underestimated, because even a small reduction of immobility and improvement in mobility may have a dramatic positive influence on performance and well-being.

what is mobility then?

We aim at better understanding of mobility and training methods related to it, since there are so many misconceptions and prejudices about the topic. We see an urgent need for new knowledge and training culture even among sport professionals or top athletes, not forgetting regular practitioners. This mission was started by the book Pihlman, Luomala & Mäkinen (2018) LIIKKUVUUSHARJOITTELU, and it is continued here on the Exercisemaster homepage.

Mobility is not sitting or lying in a stretching position. 
Mobility is an ability to move freely.

Mobility does not mean weakness of muscles or slowness of movement.
Mobility means that someone can produce power in all ranges of motion in efficient and controlled manner.

Mobility is not only for athletes or circus acrobats.
Mobility is a necessity for all who like to live in a painless and smoothly moving body. 

Mobility training should literally be your daily activity.

our services

We offer both training programs and trainer education.

are you a sport pro or want to become one? 

We organise Mobility Trainer Education and training courses for Mobility Circuit Instructors.Check out here, if they would be for you!

We cooperate with various sport organisations such as  national sport federations or local clubs. Take a look!.

Our training programs are perfect for workplaces, too. Take a look.

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