Nämä tuotteet ovat työyhteisöiden käyttöön

When we make a deal with a workplace, then the price per person will always be good value. Moreover, shared training experince fosters feelings of cohesion and team spirit.


Mobility Circuit for workplaces consists of 16 weeks of unlimited usage for all members of the workplace. Every week the member of the work place will face a new Mobility Circuit challenge. Five of the challenges are reasonably easy, five clearly more diffcult and five really demanding, thus offering material for people of all levels of physical activity. The callenge number 16 is a surpise, combining the earlier parts.

The price will be determined on the basis of potential participants of the workplace.
Usually the number of emplyees is used as basis of calculation.

Members          Price (+ VAT 24 %)

Under 10         350 eur

10-20     500 eur

21-100         1000 eur

101-500 2000 eur

Over 500        Negoatiated

Regarding other products or services we will negotiate the price.
Please contact: liikkuvuusharjoittelu(a)

Examples of workplaces using Mobility Circuit are Varsinais-Suomen Sairaanhoitopiiri (VSSHP) ja Turun Seudun Urheiluakatemia (TSUA).

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