Head Coach of Taekwondo National Team 2019-

Jarkko is famous because of his skill in improving mobility  of athletes representing a wide variety of different sports. He has helped several athletes to break a development barrier by removing their immobilities.  Once athletes realise how much an influence better mobility actually has on their performance, they usually adopt a regular mobility routine as a part of their training.

Jarkko is also a popular seminar speaker and lecturer. He has been an active coach educator since 1997. 

This former international athlete has almost three decades of coaching experience under his belt. As a coach, Jarkko has an athlete-centered approach that is both demanding and empowering at the same time.

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Physical Education Instructor, AMK
Coaching Manager of Budokwai Taekwondo
Assistant Coach of Taekwondo National Team Finland

Specialised in mobility training among kids and youth
Practical experience as a Taekwondo trainer since 2004
Practical experience as a mobility trainer since 2014
International competition career in Taekwondo 2005-2018

Roosa knows how to make the youngest athletes work on their mobility without even recognising that they are practicing mobility. She has created a unique set of exercises that keep kids motivated, no matter if they practice at home, school or sport hall.

Roosa has one of the widest merit lists in the history of Finnish Taekwondo. She reached the international top-level both in fighting and forms, which is a rare achievement. In olympic Taekwondo, Roosa achieved 5th place in European Championships accompanied by silver and bronze medals from University European Championships. In forms competition, Roosa advanced to the final both in Summer Universiade and World Championships.

Nowadays, she shares her experience with future talents helping them to make their dreams true.

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