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    Built to tackle your specific mobility challenges!

    Available only in Finnish language!

    Terms of delivery  ja maksa turvallisesti verkkopankissa tai pankki-/luottokortilla. Voit maksaa myös liikuntaetujen verkkomaksulla (Smartum, Edenred, ePassi, Eazybreak).
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    tackle your mobility challenges no matter what they are!

    This product consists of 15 different training sessions.
    Each of them focuses on a specific topic.

    The topics vary from ankle or hip mobility drillsto the exercises improving your front or side splits.

    Sessions are saved in the closed group in Facebook.

    The contents:

    Part 1 - Tests
    Part 2 – Exercises for quadriceps
    Part 3 – Exercises for hip flexors
    Part 4 – Exercises for forward bend
    Part 5 – Exercises for hamstrings
    Part 6 - Exercises for ankles and calfs
    Part 7 – Exercises for gluteus muscles
    Part 8 - Exercises for hip mobility
    Part 9 - Exercises for upper body
    Part 10 - Exercises for mobile phone users
    Part 11 – Exercises for side chains
    Part 12 - Isometric exercises
    Part 13 – Exercises for front split
    Part 14 – Exercises for side split
    Part 15 – Recap and body maintenace