What is good mobility and how can it be achieved?

Good mobility is a sum of two major factors, or actually three if we are precice. The two factors are flexibility and strength, the third being motoric control which is the clue between these two. Flexibility alone does not improve our ability to move better without necessary power.  Strength alone does not bring much joy, if its practical use is very limited due to lack of flexibility. This blog sheds light on this topic both in theory and in practice.

A flexible person has free access to different body positions. The level of flexibility depends on how much (or little) the soft tissues of the body resist while landing to these positions. The resistance is regulated by elasticity of muscles, range of motion in joints and the function of fascia. Even if the resistance is very low, it does not automatically guarantee that the person's mobility is good. In fact, we have examples where a person has dramatic flexibility, but still their mobility is far from optimal. It is really two different things to just land into a position or move to a position effectively and with good control. The first is possible with flexibility, but the second demands mobility. And only the second matters, when we talk about sport or any other physical performance.

As known, the maximum strength is mostly determined by the size of the muscle, but we should not forget the role of the brains and nervous system. Our muscles produce maximum strength, when the brains are trained to give right commands to them. Rapid activation of motor units in the muscle, as well as the accurate motoric guidance of motion determine how fast and strong is our movement. In conclusion, we move from one position to another as a function of our muscle strength. The more strength we have, the better we can move. Supposing that the soft tissues do not resist so much that we cannot realise our muscle potential! Proper training programs combining flexibility and strength can greatly enhance our performance.

Good mobility is equal to wide, strong and controlled movements.

In addition to the maximum strength, we also need muscle endurance in our everyday life and in some sports, too. It enables one to keep moving long without losing the strength level. Untrained muscle gets tired fast due to the lack of energy. Systematic training will improve the energy transmission and, thus, our ability to maintain strength levels longer. The underlying mechanisms are increasing the number of capillaries and developing the effectiveness of muscle cells in their work. Building up these qualities requires long-lasting exercise with low to moderate workloads. For instance, bodyweight training consisting of continuous moving in various directions and employing all major muscle groups will serve this purpose.

May I have your full attention now! We already concluded that mobility consists of flexibility and strength guided by motor control. Not surprisingly, this kind of mobility is best developed by training combining these elements. You can always do separate exercises, but I recommend to find and try methods combining all of them. A massage given by a competent practitioner or foam rolling may well relax your muscles thus assisting to reduce the resistance of soft tissues. Likewise, gym training assists you to build bigger muscles or become stronger. But what about implementation of your gains? How do you make sure that reduced resistance or stronger muscle really serve you in your movements? Not to mention how much time is needed to fit all separate activities to your weekly schedule. I am sure this combination of all elements can be done in several ways. Our solution is called Mobility Circuit.

In order to become mobile, practice flexibility and body control together.

Mobility Circuit is built from the beginning to answer all the questions raised in the text above. It is easy to follow, really cost-efficient and, most importantly, it makes you see concrete results really soon, even during the first training session. Mobility Circuit is an end-result of years of testing and polishing the method in the field of sport. Only the well-working exercises were included and logic of  progression was perfected according to the feedback from users. Now you can have this unique package of mobility training at your home. Give it a chance and you may notice how prolonged pains of your body begin to diminish and. Your  body will be able to do so much more than you believe! But it is waste of time to explain all this here when you can just test it - for free and without any commitments. (PRODUCTS button).

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What is good mobility and how can it be achieved?
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