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Mobility Circuit BASIC 39,00 € (in English)

MOBILITY CIRCUIT is a completely new way to practice!

10 weeks program leading to a new level of mobility. This period of time is long enough to achieve remarkable results, but short enough to keep motivation up.
As hundreds of people have already proved, regular execution of this program will greatly enhance active mobility and body control.

For two weeks, the same 25 min training program will be used. In the course of 10 weeks, five different training programs are utilised. Our recommendation is that the training program should be done 2-4 times during the two weeks period in order to create strong enough stimulus for develoment.

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Back to training (in finnish)

After a training break, your motivation for comeback might be really strong. Batteries are fully loaded and your body is screaming for exercising. Sometimes, however, motivation is so strong that you  cause more harm than gains. This product has been done to guide you through the comeback process safely and productive.

According to the statistics, sudden growth in training volume and intensity will increase the risk of injury 50–80 %. Therefore, a well-planned and progressive training program can be worth of a million.

BACK TO TRAINING consists of five weeks  day-by-day training program. It will ensure that you get enough training inputs without raising the risk of injury. After completing this program, you should be ready to move on to your rounded training.

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MOBILITY ONLINE (in finnish)

ONLINE is built to tackle your mobility challenges no matter what they are!

It consists of 15 different training sessions, each of them focusing on a specific topic.
The topics vary from ankle or hip mobility drills to the exercises taking you into front and side splits.

Training sessions are saved in the closed group in Facebook.

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This product is a combination of a theoretical lecture and practical exercises.
The lecture is based on the latest findings of scientific research, but it is easy to understand. In addition to the lecture, you gain access to 50 effective dynamic mobility drills that have been tested and recommended by several athletes.

The main themes of the lecture:

  • What does it mean to have good mobility?

  • TOP5 reasons to start regular mobility training 

  • What to do when a normal movement diagram is disturbed? 

  • Static exercises as a base of mobility training 

  • Limitations of static exercises

  • Benefits of  dynamic exercises and how to perform them correctly

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Äijätreeni - training for men (in FINNISH)

If yes, then challenge yourself with our Äijätreeni!

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HOme test (in finnish, but applicable in english)

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