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M-CIRCUIT is a unique training method.

Whatever is your current state of mobiity, M-Circuit will give you a boost.
While training your active mobility, you also improve your balance, body control and aerobic endurance.
It's almost unbelievable how many benefits a one program can offer.
 A single 45 min session per week is enough to see the difference.
Two sessions a week will lead you to change that you hardly could dream about!

Set your goal and use M-Circuit to reach the goal step by step!
A very clear 5-steps program awaits you and your most wanted results.
The trail is ready - you decide how fast you progress.

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NEW 2022!

M-Circuit RECOVERY means reviving from stress and overall well-being.

It affects your mind and body via gentle exercises that pamper your nerve-muscle-system. It is accessible for anyone.  And it benefits everyone despite the age or fitness level.

Regular training of M-Circuit Recovery will make your muscles elastic, improve your posture and releaves your stress.

More your nerves are over-loaded and msucles feel tight, more you need M-Circuit Recovery.

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Kids are naturally mobile. Or at least they should be.
There are two major threats for this natural mobiity: passive lifestyle increasing year by year when a child grows and too unilateral or monotonic training among those kids who practice a lot. Our solution for both threats is to incorporate mobility exercises to every day life and to all sports. Of course, the exercises must be adapted to the developmental level of kids.

This is a virtual environment  that is created to tackle above-mentioned challenges.
It can be utilised by school teachers, sport coaches and also parents who like understand what means versatile training and what is the role of mobility exercises in that.  Once you purchase the entrance to the enviroment, you can go back to the lectures, mobility tests and drills any time you like. The access is life-long.

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Get a life-time access to our ONLINE sessions.
They are handy both for training along and studying the secrets of mobility.
Sessions are composed of so many exercises that they may serve also as a technical library for coaches. We know that several coaches do this!

Mobility ONLINE consists of 15 LIVE broadcasts that are saved in a closed Faecebook group. Topics vary from ankle or hip mobility to split sessions and isometric techniques for stretching.  ONLINE is for you who appreciate profound content more than studio level edited videos.

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Äijätreeni - Strenght and mobility for all

This is a simple yet very effective training program consisting of 10 fascinating exercises. It goes so straight to the point that it is almost brutal.
 While it offers challenges for advance trainees, it can also be used by beginners.
The workload of the training depends of the weights you hold in your hands.
Regular repetition of Äijätreeni results in a strong and balanced body.

Now available an updated version including over 40 different "daily drills" that should be part of you work days!

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HOme test (in finnish, but applicable in english)

Even the best exercises loose their efficacy, when applied wrongly.

Only via indiviudal testing we get a thorough picture what one's body really needs.
When the training is focused on the correct parts of body, then the end result will be a optimally working body.
We give you detaleid video instructions how to measure your mobility at home.
Then you send the results to us, we analyse them and send back an individual training program tailored for you based on your test results.
Due to tailored service, home  test costs more than rest of our services, but is also goes to another level.

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